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BestHeartSurgery is a comprehensive information portal that gives both the common man and medical professionals, an insight into the commonly encountered heart diseases, the treatment options, including state-of-the art technology, along with general tips on how to maintain a healthy heart.

Unlike many other information portals, BestHeartSurgery, has been devised by cardiologists and cardiothoracic-vascular surgeons, who are global key opinion –leaders, in their respective fields. It strives to bridge the knowledge gap between heart diseases and current treatment options, thereby providing insights into the ‘cure’ for a certain heart ailment.

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About us
Dr. Adil has numerous publications to his credit in internationally acclaimed peer-reviewed journals. He has also authored chapters in three international textbooks of Cardiac surgery. He has been involved in numerous trials, both nationally and internationally, including the CLARINET study, SPICTRA oxygenator trial and animal experimental studies involving development of Thoracic Endostents, Hemofilters and Ventricular assisted devices.
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Full Spectrum of Minimally Invasive and Robotic Procedures.

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Specialized training in Minimal Access & Robotic surgery (Emory University, USA).Fellowship in Pediatric heart surgery (Children’s Hospital, Atlanta, USA).
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Specialized training in Minimal Access & Robotic surgery (Emory University, USA).

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